About MakerBar:


Our Mission:

Our mission is to foster a creative learning environment that provides access to tools, teachers, and equipment, allowing individuals to invent, make, hack, learn, and create friendships within the community. 


What is a Maker Space?

A makerspace (also referred to as a hacklab, or hackerspace) is a community-operated, "Not For Profit" (501c3), workspace where people with common interests, often in computers, machining, technology, science, digital art or electronic art, can meet,socialize and collaborate. Makerspaces have also been compared to other community-operated spaces with similar aims and mechanisms such as Fab Lab, men's sheds, and commercial "for-profit" companies such as TechShop. MakerBar has members who enjoy computers and science, and those into sculpture and chocolate making. Our differences and interests are wide and varied. We provide a safe place to learn from others in the community, to share knowledge, and help each other achieve our individual or team goals. MakerBar is as unique as it's members, each from a variety of backgrounds and interests.


We would like to take a moment and thank all our supporters and especially,

MakerBar Founding Members:

Bert Hartmann

Eric Abrahamsen

Andy Fundinger

Jamie Fundinger

Oleg Chernyakhovskiy

Matt Williams



Contributing Members

MakerBar has roughly 15 to 20 active members at any given time.



Contact us:
hello [at] makerbar [dot] com

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