Ongoing Renovations

It's been an exciting month of January at the Hoboken MakerBar! Our President, Tom Beattie, has undertaken trying to make the space nicer and cleaner for it's participants and members. A wall was removed, and all the internal drywall and plywood was taken out and replaced with new drywall and paint. 

The front door was reversed, and the key fob was moved to the left side and lower, so now you can just rub your pocket (which hopefully have your keys and fob) onto the swiper. A new swiper is in the works that tracks each member's entrance! 

Two desk areas were built, and the CAD station was moved from the back by the window, to the front where the new desks are, and paint was applied to the floor in the clean areas. Some minor electrical was done also with the help of the Building Maintenance Manager, and our kitchen has moved also.

Little by little our space is getting nicer all the time! We are working on painting the hallway floor down the road, and finishing interior floor painting as well. We even allotted a space for the powerwheels for now.

Lastly we updated our Website and MeetUp pages to be reflective of our logo and offerings.

It's going to be a great year for all of us at MakerBar, and we hope you will join us!