Events & Classes

Classes generally require a fee (donation) for the time with the instructor, plus the additional cost of materials.  Members do not pay the class fee but do pay the materials cost.  Events and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are generally free events unless otherwise specified.  

All of our classes and events are taught by volunteers. All fees and donations collected are being utilized to maintain the running of the space. We strongly encourage those coming to free events to contribute or donate, even $5 helps.

We are currently located at 38 Jackson Street, Hoboken, NJ. There are two entrances, entrance "A" which is on the left, and entrance "B" on the right. We are in entrance "A", and up to the third floor. It's a 3rd story walk-up, there is no elevator, and it is not handicapped accessible. Our space may have a little saw dust on chairs from time to time, so please, do not wear your tuxedos!

Wifi is provided, and we have a water cooler. There is no vending machine, so if you have refreshment needs, please bring your own! 

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next event! Join MeetUp or our mailing list below!


Past classes and events include:

Chocolate Making, Lock Picking, Arduino 101, Raspberry Pi, Web Development, Basics of Javascript, Understanding Haskell, Python Programming, MineCraft Events, Scratch classes, 3D Printing Basics, Build A 3D Printer, Robotics 101, Software Defined Radio, Using a CNC mill/Fusion 360, Robotics SIG, UAV Drone Build, UAV Drone SiG, HAM Radio Night and more. If you have an idea for a class, ask, we might be able to help.


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